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We offer support for Feem via email at [email protected]

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How Feem Works

Feem requires no Internet connectivity to link your devices.

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Feem Installation Guidelines

Installing Feem on all of your devices is super easy.

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Connectivity Issues

Sometimes Feem devices do not detect each other. Luckily enough, there's always a fix.

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File Transfer Issues

There's a lot you can do to ensure your Feem file transfers complete successfully, or increase your file transfer speed.

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Feem Web Share

Use Feem Webshare when you don't want to install Feem on another device.

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Feem WiFi Direct

For Faster Wi-Fi file transfers.

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Feem Pro Guide

Feem Pro is the ultimate offline file transfer experience. Learn how to make most use of this.

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FireWall Settings

Learn how to enable Feem on your various firewalls

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For help, please contact us via email at [email protected].