Transfer your private photos and videos from your phone to your PC.

No one else has to know!
Feem uses your local (Wi-Fi) network to transfer your private files from one device, DIRECTLY to another device without passing through the Internet.
Kiss your virus-infected USB sticks good-bye.

Download and install Feem.

Everything you need in a local file transfer app.

No cloud. No servers. No limits

Connect your devices to the same local (Wi-Fi) network, and your devices with Feem installed will automatically detect each other. From there, you can send any files or folder between your devices.

Blazingly Fast.
Transfer large files around you in record time. Feem is 50 times faster than Bluetooth. And around twice as fast as Dropbox, OneDrive and iCloud Drive.
Battle-tested Security.
Transfer sensitive files in your LAN, without the Cloud. There are no servers to hack into. Plus, Feem encrypts all local transfers with TLS (just like HTTPS )..
Resumable File Transfers.
No one likes to restart an interrupted large file transfer. That's why Feem will resume your file transfer right where you left it, without missing a byte.
Works Offline.
No data? No problem. Feem works completely offline. Your devices need to be running Feem, and should all be connected to the same Wi-Fi/Lan network.
Wi-Fi Direct.
Feem can work anywhere, even without a Wi-Fi router. Simply activate Wi-Fi direct inside Feem, or use your phone's personal hotspot to create a network you can use to share files with.
Send text and links directly between your devices. No servers involved. Completely secure. Your messages auto-destroy after 48 hours.